Only one Jimi

Jimi_HendrixThis week’s quote comes from the great Jimi Hendrix.
“I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.”

This is a immensely powerful and important statement. In today’s environment, with the nanny state telling us what is good for us, this statement rings true. New York is passing laws because they want to eliminate sugary drinks. Why must people who don’t enjoy something, feel as though they must legislate what they deem to be good behavior. A good example is smoking. (Full disclosure – I am a reformed smoker) At one time, you could smoke anywhere. Then it was legislated that you can’t smoke in buildings, unless otherwise posted. Then you can’t smoke outside, and now there are states debating whether you can or cannot smoke in your own car. I haven’t even mentioned how these same states are punishing smokers by treating them like criminals, they continually raise taxes on cigarettes, to further punish smokers with the so-called “Sin Tax”. I guess that’s why I would not be a successful politician. I agree too much with Jimi. I think people should be allowed to live their life. This goes back to my primary mantra. “Life is too short to be miserable”. I think as long as your happiness doesn’t impede anyone else’s pursuit of happiness, what’s the harm? Back to smoking analogy, I can understand not being allowed to smoke in an office building, because you are invading someone else’s space. But if they are outside, they should be able to go for it. Now I am not saying to run out and start smoking, but it easily states my point. I think if you want to gamble with your health, that is your right. I don’t think it is the governments business any more than it is your employers business what you do in your free time. As long as it doesn’t impede your work performance, Go for it. So far, smoking is a sin, alcohol and sugary drinks are a sin, what is next? Why can’t we leave people to their own devices? Call it Darwinism. If people do things to harm themselves, that is their choice. That is my point for this entire post. Let’s not try to punish people into acting the way someone else feels is right. What are your thoughts? Leave them in the comments.


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