Blog Direction

I have come to notice that the things I write about on my blog tend to be all over the place. I have some articles on politics, computers, product reviews and so forth. This has been a long time in coming that I plan on refocusing my blog to be a more positive endeavor. I would write about computers, because I work with them and have a pretty good grasp on using them. But when I write about politics I tend to get angry and it stays with me for a while. But the last article I wrote, made me feel good. That’s when I decided that is the route I want to take. So from this point on I will strive to be more inspiring and less the angry nerd.

How am I planning on doing it? I think the best way would be to take an inspirational quote, then put my spin on it, hopefully inspiring a conversation in the comments. The last article I wrote “Bang into the walls” was based off of a quote from Steve Jobs. While I am a fan of many computer pioneers, like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, however my posts will not be relegated strictly to the world of computers. I will be using quotes from my heroes. Some are Military men, philosophers, Presidents, and you get the picture. So I ask that you give the new format a chance and let me know what you think. If you think this is a direction you would like to see the blog go in, leave your thoughts in the comments.


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