Apple Keynote

appleOn October 22nd, Apple is having an event at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. We can guess the topic will be the release of the new iPad models, OS X Mavericks, and maybe the new Mac Pro that was shown at WWDC. But my question is “What else?”. It’s almost funny that we Apple fans want more. The announcements that are rumored are probably right, but part of me want Tim Cook to pull a Steve Jobs’ “One more thing…” and show something totally unexpected. Like the MacBook Air, no one had any clue that was going to be announced. I think that has always been part of the Apple vibe, you go to a keynote to be surprised. In the past that was pretty easy, but now with everyone having a camera phone, secrets aren’t what they used to be. On the other hand if Apple were to come out with the most awesome device ever seen the Apple cynics would be on the blogs…”Apple released widget version 1, while it’s a good start, why doesn’t it have a can opener?” That is what Apple has to contend with. When they gave the “sneak peek” at the new Mac Pro with a radical new design and without even getting their hands on it or even seeing it in person the Apple Trolls started with complaints about something that they haven’t touched. This amazes me.

Maybe Apple will shock everyone and demo a watch or TV. I guess I am old school, and think I am happy with what I have been given. I tend to see the glass half full. Instead of saying the new iPads “only” have 64GB of storage, I tend think “Wow it has 64 GB of storage.” Maybe because I have been around computers for a while and realize how cheap storage has gotten, I remember 64GB is a TON of storage.

That’s enough of my rant, here is the question, that I wanted to write about originally, “Other than the rumored release, what else would you like to see Apple released?” Let’s see your thoughts in the comments.


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