Bumper Cases

CaseIf you have been following the history of the iPhone, I’m sure you remember the famous Antenna Gate with the release of the original iPhone 4. The problem was if you held the phone in a “Death-grip” it would cause you to loose signal. The solution at the time was to add a “bumper”. The bumper was made of rubber that wrapped around the edge of the phone. (Side note: I think the reason for the bumpers was that Steve Jobs wanted as much of the iPhone 4 was as visible as possible, as it was a very good looking phone.) The bumpers are still available on the Apple Website for $29.00, but only for the iPhone 4 and 4S. Fast forward to today. I have been trying the Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid EX for iPhone 5S.
I know its really tough to get excited about a bumper case, however I am really liking this design. There is a rubber “Bumper-like” cover that wraps around the edge of the device, but then there is a hard case that surrounds the bumper case protecting the rubber. The Neo Hybrid also comes with screen protectors, (which the Apple one did not). The price is the same as the iPhone bumper cases $29.99.
The bottom line: The thing for me and cases is, how easy is it to get my phone in and out of my pocket. I started out with the Otterbox Defender on my iPhone 3GS, (and that is a great case) but the problem was you had to wear a belt clip and couldn’t put it in your pocket, so with the 4S I started with the OtterBox defender (also a very good case). Due to the need for the rubber for protection, it was easier than the defender to get in and out of my pocket, but not much better. I then moved to a Pinlo Concize Metal Case for iPhone (Which I did a review for here.)
I liked that case, as it was made of aircraft aluminum, and would work easily in my pocket. The Neo Hybrid, is just the next step in my journey. It protects the phone while showing off the beauty of the phone. If you want to check out some other iPhone 5 cases at reasonable prices, check them out here.

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