Have you forgotten?

This is a reprint of an article I wrote in 2004. How much of it still applies today?

Have YOU forgotten?
Shortly after the horrific attacks on 9-11, the media felt as though they needed to stop showing the images of 9-11, because it is to “disturbing”. They are right, it is disturbing; however they should show it everyday, for nothing else but to remind this country why we are at war. A war against terrorists. The liberal left wants to make you think it is because of oil. They must not remember the four airliners, but I do.

The second American has been be-headed. This is another image that the American people need to see everyday. Then when the left start whining about the “atrocities” in “grab-an-Arab” prison, the argument should be… We humiliated them, we scared them, they cut our guys heads off. How wrong were we?

There is a liberal protest group called ANSWER. (Act Now Stop War & End Racism). These are fundamentalists, which are every bit as rabid as the terrorists that we are fighting. They are so “locked on” to their doctrine that they refuse to acknowledge what is truly happening. These animals are cutting American’s heads off; did ANSWER even mention it on their website? Nope, not a word.

The media needs to quit thinking for me. Televise what is “disturbing”, so that these losers will understand what the whole thing is about. They may say that Nick Berg was killed because he was in Iraq. What about Paul Johnson? These animals cut off his head and put it on his back. Then they took the knife and rested it against the severed head. Is this graphic? Does it make you angry?

Why was Paul Johnson killed? He was simply an American, just like you and me, getting up everyday and going to work. He was targeted because he was an American. He was not in Iraq, but in Saudi Arabia. That means these terrorists feel as though they can attack Americans anywhere. Lots of folks involved in answer are very affluent; will they be traveling outside the country anytime soon? I bet not.

These animals kill Americans BECAUSE they are American. But that is not a reason to wage war…right?

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