Old VS. New

internetI was reading this article, and in it there were some really good points made. Those of us who have been around since the beginning of the web as we know it, have fond memories of pre-web 2.0 sites, that most don’t know they existed or didn’t care that much to look for them. The article points out Yahoo, which has re-invented itself to be more relevant in this post 2.0 world. One of the others that comes to my mind is AOL (or America On Line as it was called) Do you remember that in the late ’90’s AOL disks were everywhere. (The hay day of dial-ups) and for $13.00/month you had access to the internet at blazing 14.4 kbs speeds. AOL is another company that is re-inventing itself from an ISP to become a content provider. (Mostly by buying established content providers and putting them under the AOL umbrella.) Not that there is anything wrong with that. That is one of the many prerequisites when doing anything on the internet. Everything on the internet will either grow, change, or die. That is the nature of the internet.

Today there is nothing on the internet that is stagnant. and if there is it won’t be there long. I think that may be another side effect of the internet is we have developed a very short attention span. If anything stays the same for too long it falls out of favor. (Remember MySpace?) FaceBook continues to update the site at fairly regular intervals, keeping them interesting. Think back, how many “Titans” of the ’90s are still around? Anyone remember Alto Vista? or Lycos? Netscape? (to be fair Netscape is still around, but nowhere near what it was.) I guess the reason for my trip down memory lane is, every now and then I think it is just as important to look where we have been as it is to look where we are going. Remember, those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it.

What are some of the tech companies you used/liked that “went away” because they couldn’t keep up with the times? Drop them in the comments.

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