Is it time for a watch?

product-image-Apple-iWatch-989-1284460508851Over the past few weeks, I have been seeing more and more references to a “Smart Watch”.  There has been plenty of speculation that Apple and Google were going to have offerings. Now today there is a report that Microsoft may be throwing their hat into the fray. (You can read that story here). Here is my question; do you think you would want a watch? Other than the obvious Dick Tracy similarity, what does it actually buy you?

Think about it, when the iPad was released it was to fill a gap between the iPhone and a laptop. How do you position the watch? So the workflow would go watch – phone-tablet-laptop-desktop? The cell phone has effectively taken the place of the pocket watch.

That being said, I can find some uses for a “smart watch” for example telematics. If you were a jogger, using it to monitor your heart rate and so forth, that might be a good idea. There is another school of thought that the current phones are too big and need to be made wearable.

If you were to buy a Smart watch what features would you want? If you got those features, would you ditch your cell phone?


Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Is it time for a watch?

  1. I have to agree with you on the fact that there doesn’t seem to be a gap in the line of Phone-Tablet-Desktop for a watch but it is Apple they seem to create a space at times, the tablet being example number 1, I would prefer if they did create a sports watch/ media player and have a connectivity to an iPhone as an optional function, this would be sold primarily with wireless headsets for music playback like what people have been using the nano as for years, saving phone battery life, I can’r imagine Apple going down that route though, they don’t seem to intentionally go down the sporting road, more so trend setters style watch more than function watch

      1. the device I envisage would be similar to a mini iPod touch, on a watchband something simplistic but actually useful as it has full wireless connectivity, heart rate monitor and other sporting features, but what I see aple bringing out is more style than substance

      2. well theres a couple ways to look at the potential of the wearable tech, one is that it is aiming one day to replace the phone, then the question has to be asked how comfortable is it talking to our wrist,(try it) or is it aimed at being a social media device, thus primarily being an ipod functionality method of design, I can imagine the first generation or two being media devices with phone connectivity, then the phase out of the phone may begin

      3. I like the idea of the “Dick Tracy” watch that does video chat. Skype or FaceTime on your watch. That might be interesting.

      4. I like the concept of it but the follow through would be difficult for any designer, sound quality, image quality and focus from such a small device is tough, but if there is a company to try and do it, it would be apple, if the capabilities are not there to carry out a video watch I do like a conevient Instagram watch idea where you always can catch a magic moment because your camera is always there and always on.

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