A case for cases.

pinloIn my last review I looked at a case for iPad. So this week I am reviewing the Pinlo Concize Metal Case for iPhone. I have had it on my phone for a couple of weeks now. I have to say I like it, and here’s why. I used to use an  Otterbox Defender case. (Don’t get me wrong Otterbox makes a great case.) But the case itself is rubberized to help protect my precious. It came with a belt clip which was OK, but I found that if I had to dress up, I didn’t want to use the belt clip. With the Otterbox the rubber is tacky which in the best of situations is difficult to get out of your pocket, so I opted to remove the case all together. But in doing that I introduced a new level of stress into my life. Every time I had to take it from my pocket I had a death grip on my precious, just to be sure I didn’t drop it.

Along came the Pinlo Concize Metal Case for iPhone. It is light, aircraft grade aluminum, so it is light, protects my precious and slides easily into and out of my pocket. I would highly recommend this case for an office worker if you do something in the construction field I would recommend something a little more ruggedized. Luckily, this isn’t the only case they have. You can find many more here.

The bottom line: This is the second case I have looked at for MobileFun. Both cases have been outstanding. I would recommend that if you are planning on a case for your device, check them out first.

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