Just in case…

ibamcaseCases are one of the last things most people think about. Usually, you never think about until something bad happens and you wish that you had a case on your phone, iPad or whatever expensive device you need to have protected. This week I had the chance to evaluate the iPad 2 case from MobileFun.  Previously I was using the The Smart Cover by Apple ($39.00 US). It was functional and protected the screen nicely. It also allowed you to roll up the case and work like a stand. All really cool ideas. The problem that I found was after some time, while the screen was protected the back was not. So while the screen is pristine, the back of my iPad has some fairly deep scratches. The sad part is I have NO idea how they got there. So now we fast forward to this week. I got the Macally BookStand2R Cover and Stand for iPad. This is just what the doctor ordered. The iPad snaps into the back case and has a flap that also utilizes magnets like the Apple case and at $28.99 is a much better deal than you get from the Apple case with much better protection for your device. I would recommend that everyone put a case on their device, if for nothing else for piece of mind. I would HIGHLY recommend you check out our friends at MobileFun for all your mobile case needs. Not do they have cases for all of your favorite “i” devices, but cases for just about everything that can be put in a case.

The bottom line: 2 BIG thumbs up! MobileFun has some really great cases at reasonable prices. I am sure that anyone can find a solution for their case needs at their site.

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