Memory Lane

thToday I was taking a trip down memory lane. I came across an old box with some of the MANY music players over the years. I had to laugh that one of my earliest music player memories was my Sony Walkman that had the auto reverse so you never had to touch the tape. It also had a built-in AM/FM radio, so when you got tired of listening to the one tape you had with you, there was some variety. I also found my Sony CD Walkman. I remember this was a very early edition and the skip protection wasn’t great, but it let me take my CD’s out and about. Then came the MP3 revolution.  The Diamond Rio came on the scene. Because it was digital skipping from track to track was much easier than my Walkman cassette player. The Rio had a whopping 32 MB drive and you had to sync through your computers parallel port, but is was great. Then came the iPod. I can still remember the advertisement “A thousand songs in your pocket”.
I only bring this up, because I was thinking about how all everything in tech evolves. Sometimes it is fairly quick, like the evolution of the laptop that has seen it biggest advances in the last 13 years. Laptops were first used in the ’80’s but the cost was extremely prohibitive. The price tag was roughly $8,100.00 US. So not many people use one. But as Moore’s Law predicted that the number of transistors on Integrated circuits doubles roughly  every two years, it took a while but manufactures were finally able to create affordable small laptops. But that is the way of tech. There is always a germ of an idea that puts an entrepreneur into the next mode. For example when the guys at Apple saw the GUI interface at Xerox Park, that was was sparked the Macintosh. (the same as when Microsoft saw the Macintosh, Widows was born).
But I guess my point is everything brings about something else. Records gave way to 8-tracks, which gave way to cassettes, that gave way to Compact Discs, to MP3’s. What’s next?

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