Without Steve

Today is the one year anniversary of Steve Jobs death. Many tributes were produced today today, Apple had a really cool montage, with a nice tribute by Tim Cook. When Steve passed last year, everybody tried to write Apple off. Luckily when Steve returned to Apple as iCEO, he surrounded himself with good people and infused Apple with his DNA. All of the naysayers keep waiting for Apple to fall flat. That hasn’t occurred. In fact Apple has become stronger. As evidenced by Apple’s latest release, the iPhone 5 is poised to be the best product release Apple has ever had. Now do I think some of the keynotes would have been different had Steve still been alive? Maybe, but Apple has moved on, releasing some very cool hardware and software. Only now after his death do we see the true brilliance in some of his predictions. In fact, I heard a recording from 1984, where Steve talks about networked computers, and Smartphones. (even though he didn’t call them smartphones, he did talk about a commuter you could put in your pocket.)

Steve will forever hold a place in Apple lore, however that doesn’t mean that he is not missed.

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