iPhone 5

apple-event1.jpg On September 12th Apple will be introducing iPhone 5, (or whatever they decide to call it), additionally they will also be releasing iOS 6, and possibly Mountain Lion 10.8.2. There is also talk of an iPad mini. As with any Apple event EVERYTHING is a guess. So I figured I would add some things I would like to see in addition to what everyone is expecting.

  • iWork Refresh – iWork is Apple’s version of Office. It is a word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software. The current version is getting a bit long in the tooth, as it hasn’t been updated since 2009.
  • iLife Refresh – While it hasn’t been around as long as iWork, I am sure the brain trust in Cupertino has come up with some new cool stuff by now. I am always hoping for new software. I love new software to learn.
  • Pro Hardware Refresh – While during the last keynote, the pro laptops got a nice refresh in addition to the Retina MacBook Pro, a refresh on the Desktops might be good. Maybe a new iMac, and/or Mac Pro.

Now that’s my wish list. What’s yours? Leave your predictions/wish list in the comments.

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