Windows 8 Thoughts


Windows 8 was recently released. I installed it, if for nothing else but to give it a test drive and write a review for the site. I had stated early on when I started this blog that I would review all new tech, and that’s what I am doing. Many people think that because I like Apple that I am a fanboy and if it isn’t Apple it’s not any good. Nothing could be further from the truth. I can appreciate all tech. I am not only a fan of Apple, but also Microsoft and well as Linux. My earliest certification were in Microsoft Systems (Windows NT 4.0 to be exact). Microsoft doesn’t want to appear to be like Apple and have a separate OS for tablets and desktops the way Apple does with iOS and Mac OSX. So there is one interface regardless if it is a tablet, desktop or laptop. that’s just my $0.02. I just don’t want you to think I am Microsoft bashing. So here I am going to give you the Good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good:
Windows 8 is pretty snappy and polished. One of my concerns is navigation, and the steep learning curve. (which will be discussed later). Some of the navigation is the same in previous editions of Windows, such as some of the “right-clicks” on certain desktop icons and the desktop. But that’s where all of the similarities end.

The Bad:
As stated before, the navigation and steep learning curve are both challenging and frustrating. Anyone who ever used Windows will find the “Metro” interface, (now simply being called Windows 8 after a naming dispute) to be very odd. For whatever reason Microsoft is basically replacing the Start button, that has been around since the very earliest iterations of Windows 95, with this new launching method. (that I don’t really care for…but to each his own). Placing your mouse in one of the right-hand corners will open a slide out that gives you the ability to search, so if you know the name of your application and it can’t be found in the “Windows 8” interface, you can launch it or pin it to the Windows 8 interface. THe interface itself is set up for a touch screen/tablet use, so using it on a conventional laptop/Desktop without a touch interface may not be as useful.

The Ugly:
If you have never used a computer before, Windows 8 won’t be that hard to pick up. BUT if you have used a Windows computer before, learning where everything is can be quite challenging. If you have a chance to see the OS in action, or have a chance to use it yourself, post your thoughts in the comments.

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