The Magic Trackpad

apple_magic_trackpad_11.jpgFor a while now I have been using a Magic Mouse. Apple’s bluetooth mouse that is capable of using gestures and I REALLY loved it, but then I decided it was time for me to break down and see what all the fuss was about with Apple’s magic Trackpad. So I made my way to the Apple store and plunked down $69.00 figuring I’d take one for the team, just to let you guys know if it’s worth the money. I got home and set it up. (Basically to set it up I turned it on). Then went to the System Preferences, to see what I could do with it. Just the built-in stuff was really cool. If you couple this with the Better Touch Tool (More on BTT in another post). Like any other Apple product using it was extremely intuitive, right away I was swiping, pinching and all around playing with it. If you have use a trackpad on a recent MacBook (air or pro) you already know how to use it, and if you haven’t it’s not that hard to pick up. The only difference is the trackpad it a little larger, but looks great on my desk with my iMac. I consider this one of my better investments. Following in the Apple tradition of simplicity, the Magic Trackpad is roughly 5 inches square and is capable of more gestures then the Magic Mouse. not to mention I no longer have to make rome on my desktop to navigate a mouse around. (I believe in the whole “cluttered desk is a sign of genius” thing). So as I like to say, here’s the bottom line… If you are buying a new Mac, you can elect to get one of three pointing devices. The “old school” wired Apple mouse, the Magic Mouse or the Magic Trackpad. (There is also an option to get the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad, which I think is a waste). I would suggest getting the Magic Trackpad. Having used them all, the Magic Trackpad has to be my favorite.

Have you tried the Magic Trackpad? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The Magic Trackpad

  1. When I asked if this signaled the death of the mouse, Apple would only say that “we want to offer our users the choice.” They note that plenty of people at Apple have been using the Magic Trackpad alongside the Magic Mouse. “Some operations are better for a mouse, some for a trackpad,” is what I was told.

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