Android VS. iPhone

Since the invention of the smart phone, the debate has been Android vs. iPhone. While both operating systems have their Pros and Cons so I figured I’d throw together a quick list to help you make up your mind.

iPhone – Many people complain about the Apple walled garden and so forth, however Apple offers an easy to use interface and safe application environment (barring jail breaking), solid well designed hardware and much better security. The iPhone is secure BECAUSE of the walled garden. (i’m gonna get a little geeky for a minute here). The reason applications are submitted to the Apple app store is that Apple inspects the application, then signs it with a digital certificate. In order for an iOS application to launch the certificate MUST be present or the application won’t launch. This helps prevent malicious activity from occurring on an iPhone or iPad. iOS devices can be swapped as they both act the same way. The next geeky thing is encryption. With an iOS device as soon as you add a passcode all data on the device is then encrypted, therefore if someone were to obtain your device, they wouldn’t be able to read the contents that you may have on your device. The last one I’ll talk about is a thing called sandboxing. This keeps each application running in its own space that way one application can’t impact another running application. (This was one of the reasons it was much harder to add cut, copy and paste to iOS. Apple had to devise a way to move data between applications. (That is the end of my geek speak for now). iOS also allows the user to update the operating system as soon as one becomes available. (More on that later). As you can tell I am an iOS user and enthusiast.

Android– Android is a great phone OS, especially if you are a hacker (by the way, when I use the term hacker in this context it is not some evil doer but someone who believes in hacking in the truest sense of the word) By that I mean if you want to ultra-customize your phone, get root add new ROMs and so forth, this is the phone for you. Android is based on many open source standards. Android runs on may different hardware platform such as Samsung, HTC and many more. Since the release of the iPad there are many Android tablets coming to the market. The main issue I have with Android is the fracture within the OS itself. For example once the OS is in place the carrier adds an overlay on the device. (In a nutshell, you could have two identical phones, running the same version of android on two different carriers, and each will act differently.) Additionally any OS upgrades are dependent on the carriers pushing an OS if/when they feel like it. Unlike iOS when you can get it when you want it.

Think about this, how does the carrier benefit by upgrading your software to the latest and greatest version? It doesn’t. They make their money on you buying the a new phone rather than upgrading the old one. All of Apple’s iOS releases, are backwards compatible all the way back to the iPhone 3GS.

I know it sounds like I am trying to pick a fight. Nothing could be further from the truth. I feel that I have pointed out the pros and cons of both operating systems.

All right, that being said let the battle in the comments begin….

2 thoughts on “Android VS. iPhone

  1. This walled garden approach has been criticized for being too restrictive and dictatorial, but developers say the limitations Apple imposes on its API can actually make it easier to do their jobs.

    1. If you have to do any sort of Mobile Device Management, (MDM) iOS is miles ahead of any other phone. Microsoft has released 0 api’s for MDM, and Google has released 15 api’s while Apple the walled garden has released over 600.

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