How to become your families go to computer guy…

As you can imagine, I am the my family’s go to computer guy for any problems that they may have. But I am going to share a secret troubleshooting technique that has made me the hero on numerous occasions, This will work with any computer make or model, Windows, Macintosh or Linux. Now in order for you to maintain your newly found hero status you may want to keep this information to yourself. Ready. Reboot.

This remedy will fix a multitude of problems. This will not fix everything, but it usually clear up some errors. Some times computers will compete for specific areas in RAM. To teach every possible solution to every possible computer/Operating System, would take quite some time. But in the meantime, when your computer initially hangs with no apparent reason, and there is nothing new added a reboot (sometimes referred to as a restart). Would be where you ALWAYS should start. As always, hoping to help one new computer user at a time.

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